Saturday, March 17, 2012

She's here!!

introducing our healthy baby girl..

Hartley Kae Barton
March 7, 2012 at 5:28 am.
7 lbs 13 oz 20.5 inches

She is perfect! She is a good mix of both of us with lips similiar to mine and eyes that are starting to look like curtis's shape but is still too early to tell!!

My doc induced me a day after my due date. An hour after I got the pitocin my water broke (I had my membranes restripped earlier that day so I think it was from that!) But within seconds I started to have strong contractions that just got really painful and about 2 hours later I got the epidural(LIFESAVER I could never go natural..) I had about a 10 hour labor through the night and then I pushed for 30 mins and she was out! We are so smitten!

I know I am looking pretty big!

loong night..

Curt and I did a mini photo shoot in the hospital!

loves her daddy!

I did my own mini newborn shoot aside from professional ones, but she is 10 days old here and was pretty alert!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby showers and such

I am 35 weeks pregnant and counting!! I have 4 1/2 weeks left, give or take. I am getting SOOO excited for our baby to come I can't wait! Curtis will be the best daddy!

Here are some pictures from my utah baby shower that Curtis' mom did! It was really cute and not to mention delicious food! this was a few days after Thankssgiving and so I was about 5 1/2 to 6 months pregnant.

my 2 sister-in-laws cherie, hollie and then my sister DeEtte. all of our babies are due within a 1 month time frame. my baby will have cousins thats for sure!

me and my sisters and my cousin!

Here are some pictures from my az shower at my moms. It turned out way cute but I only had a few pics and I took these when the shower was pretty much over!

some friends!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


so a little update.. I am 32 weeks now! Even though I am kind of over being pregnant Curtis and I have a ton to do before she comes so I guess its good I still have roughly 8 weeks left!(hopefully not 9!)

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!!

Christmas!! My sister and her family came down from Ut and it was so fun having them down!! She's due a few weeks after me with a boy, can't wait!

New Years!

Curtis turned 27 January 9th love him so much and so grateful for everything he does for me and our soon to be family of 3! love you babe.

Gosh I know I look terrible.. I am about 7 1/2 months pregnant give me a break :)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

blabbing post..

So I am in my 28th week now! Hellooo 3rd trimester! Our baby has been moving like crazy the past week and its so fun! I can't wait to meet her, but I am also ok with her staying in for another 2 1/2 months because we still have a TON to do and figure out before she is born.

I feel like time as gone by fast but yes is going slow too.. does that make sense?

It hardly feels like Christmas to me with Curtis being gone so much and also I have my mind set on March that the other months don't really seem to matter right now. At least I have my small Christmas tree up and it makes me so happy and feel somewhat holidayish!

Since when is it the biggest luxury ever to have your hubby home and have a normal life? I miss him every day and can't wait for him to be home more days in the month than not!

I have decided I have very bad committal issues. Not with relationships (obvi) but on where to live! I have moved into a different apt. or city every few months for the past almost 4 years that change seems just a way of life. Curtis of course would like to go back to Salt Lake but I can't seem to leave AZ yet, but then again I have anxiety signing a long term contract or lease...makes sense right??

Anyways just had to blab a little about life! Happy holidays everyone!!! xoxo

A cleaner lighter you..

I found this off a blog.. words I should start living by!

1. taking time to exercise is crucial for women
2. nutrition makes up for 80% of what we look like, exercise is 20%
3. Start your day off with 2 glasses of water, we wake up dehydrated, squeeze lemon to jump start metabolism
4. Eat seasonally, teach your kids to help pick out the veggies & fruit for each season
5.Shop local farmers markets first before buying veggies & fruits from grocery store.
7. One green smoothie a day
8. don't count calories, eat when you are hungry, eat the right foods
9. veggies, fruit, beans, & protein
10. Every mother needs the energy that comes from proper nutrition & exercise
11. Best kind of bar to give kids, LARA BAR
12. Train their taste buds when they are young.
13. Just because you buy food & snacks from wholefoods, DOES NOT mean its healthy
14. Making treats VEGAN style is always a healthier option

Monday, November 14, 2011

Here is what has been going on since Curt got back..

Curtis's sister in law, Serra, FINALLY had her baby boy twins! We stopped by the day before our cruise (they live in ca.) They were born November 3rd and are so cute! I am so jealous of my baby, she is going to have so many cousins close in age! After the twins, there's 3 more cousins all due within end of feb to end of march.. so fun!

The other weekend we went to my friends cabin with a few couples but unfortunately this is the only picture I took!

Curtis is the best husband and surprised me with a "babymoon" cruise that went to catalina island and ensenada! It was short but sweet! I am starting to get a little large being about 24 weeks now so these may or may not be the last pictures I post of myself for the rest of the pregnancy!! Here are a few from the cruise.

Cute Hubby!


formal dinner night

Catalina Island

at one of the shows!